The Japanese call it shinrin-yoku and have proven it lowers blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. You will take your healing forest bath on a 60-acre private estate in the Pocono Mountains, less than two hours by car from NYC and Philadelphia. Get there via private transport or ride share, which we will help organize.


Enjoy the giant oaks and quaking aspen, sassafras and pines, mountain laurel and rhododendrons. 

Are you ready to die and be reborn? To prepare, do a Medicine Walk as described by John Davis, before you get here. Use it to set your intention.

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A 3-acre freshwater pond with mating dragonflies and minnows that suck the salt off your toes. A sunny field of yarrow and milkweed, black-eyed Susans and Queen Ann’s Lace. 


And of course, there’s the gurgling Pohopoco creek.

Bring a backpack with clothing (layers, bathing suit, towel, wool cap, rain gear), toiletries (hygiene, toilet paper, sunscreen, insect repellent, anakit if allergic to bees), sleeping bag/pad, tent, water bottle, flashlight, journal & pencils, musical instrument.

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