A group of up to fifteen adults will experience the Nature Breakthrough Method™ that expands your perspective of where you are now and what’s your next step. A modernized but ancient three-step ritual to enter your future…. 

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DAY 1: Orientation

Gather at 9 am for bagels and a day of discovery in a circle of your peers. Amazing cross-cultural technologies of transformation. Three nutritious meals before a giant firelight sendoff. 

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Day 2: Disorientation

Saturday solo fast in the woods to remember your gifts and create anew. This 36 hours (2 nights, 1 day) is yours to discover what you came for. We take care of every other detail for you. 

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Day 3: Reorientation

Return to camp by 9 am, break your fast, share your visions, and be witnessed deeply. Lunch, relax in sun, water, air, and land. Drive home by 5 pm to a life renewed.