Would you like to be a Monarch?” Frog asked.
“Me?” replied Little Mouse, “Why yes, oh yes!”
“Then it’s time,” said Frog, “to jump.


nature breakthrough method


A group of up to fifteen adults (entrepreneurs in September) will experience the Nature Breakthrough Method™ that expands your perspective of where you are now and what’s your next step. Your guide, DR. BEN GOLDMAN, is an expert of change: personal, organizational, and societal. His work has led to a new social movement, a Presidential Executive Order and a Supreme Court victory. Manga for Men (it’s not just for men) is his latest book.


A modernized but ancient three-step ritual to enter your future…. ORIENTATION: Friday gather at 9am to explore your intent, how to dance among the shields and other magical surprises. Nutritious meals before a giant firelight sendoff. DISORIENTATION: Saturday solo fast in the woods to remember your gifts and create anew. REORIENTATION: Sunday return to camp, breakfast, share your visions, and be witnessed deeply. Lunch, relax in sun, water, air, and land. Drive home by 5pm to a life renewed. *


Pohopoco is the Lenape name of a stream that runs through a 60-acre private estate where the retreat takes place in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, less than two hours by car from NYC and Philadelphia. Get there via private transport or ride share, which we will help organize. Google Maps directions:


The program fee is $1997. Special discounts are available. Three FREE spots are also available for volunteers who will help with food preparation and logistics and can participate in most of the curriculum as well. BUY TICKETS here.


JULY 7-9, 2017 and SEPTEMBER 1-3, 2017. Are you ready to die and be reborn? Set your intention for participating in a modern rite of passage. TO PREPARE: read The Medicine Walk by John Davis. BRING: backpack with clothing (layers, bathing suit, towel, wool or fleece cap, rain gear, bandanna), toiletries (personal hygiene, toilet paper, sunscreen, insect repellent, anakit if allergic to bees), sleeping bag/pad, tent, water bottle, pocket knife, trowel, plastic bag, flashlight, journal & pencils, musical instrument.


Check out our FAQs and SAQs (should-ask!) videos at or contact us at

* There will be opportunities for artistic creativity: drumming, singing, dancing, writing, handicrafts, cards, and other non-ordinary things.